"Money can't buy happiness...
but a funny sex manual comes awfully close"


Paperback Version (6" x 9", 82 pages, B&W interior illustrations)

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Want a funny book with no politics or disgusting, filthy, back-straining sex? Then check out Stilton Jarlsberg's classic business parody "Who Cut the Cheese?" in either paperback or eBook versions!

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The (real!) Critics Rave for "Who Cut the Cheese":

"If you really want help in the workplace, a good laugh may do more for you than (that OTHER Cheese book)." -- Donald P. Myers, NEWSDAY

"It is parody, rich as the runniest brie." -- Mike Maza, DALLAS MORNING NEWS

"Jarlsberg's book is quite witty, full of comic exaggerations and asides, as close to the original as a wayward twin." -- Fred Andrews, NY TIMES

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